Welcome to the Future.

August 2014 - October 2015. 

London’s first regular club night dedicated exclusively to the emerging world of 'Future Sounds' (electronic, bass, hip hop, jersey club, trap etc).

My role(s): co-founder, co-promoter, talent booking, brand direction, graphic design, social media strategy, online content creation, resident DJ.

Branding and promo design conceptualised around cosmos, 'beyond earth' and the 'unknown'.

DJs and producers booked: 

  • R3LL (USA) (UK debut) ~ Big Dope P (France) ~ Chloe Martini (Poland) (UK debut) ~ Jarreau Vandal (Netherlands) (UK debut)  
  • Complexion (Future Beats Radio) ~ Alizzz (Mad Decent) (Spain) ~ R.O.M (Soulection) ~ Salute ~ Jelacee (Stooki Sound)  
  • Daktyl (Mad Decent) ~ Warren Xclnce ~ Fwdslxsh ~ Sam Moir (Ministry of Sound) ~ Sh?m ~ YazBeatz (Future Beats Radio)  
  • CKtrl ~ The Ninetys ~ Famous Eno (Mixpak) ~ Sky Chai ~ Narx ~ Poté ~ SELVSSE ~ CassKidd ~ Maths Time Joy